The Founding

Welcome to ibiixo Group of Companies!

Since we were founded in 1910, the history of our company has been huge. We are going to try to summarise a little bit about the evolution of our company over the years. Although, do bear in mind that we are unable to cover everything here!
The means that not only are we the best IT company in India for business, but we are some of the best exporters in India too.

The goal of the ibiixo group of companies is to provide assistance to startup companies around the globe. The various services that our company offers are in place to assist companies when it comes to rapid expansion. Ibiixo Technologies Pvt Ltd is all about providing businesses with technology solutions such as web design and app development. Akarta Exports deals with the export of various quality Indian products, and Ibiixo Business Solutions provides vital services to growing businesses.


The Expansion Of the ibiixo Group


As the company expanded, it started to deal with various other products. Still dealing with agriculture, but also importing other products which could be shipped around India, and ultimately around the world. This was a gradual process, with the owners of Dayabhai Pragji & Sons always looking for new ways in which they can bring income into the company.
A lot of the expansion that the company carried out was shortly after India gained its independence. At this time, the company started to focus on importing various products which would help India grow. This included small items such as match sticks, as well as important items such as sugar.

The New Generation


Later on, Narandas Karia got involved with the company. Again, Dayabhai Pragji & Sons continued to evolve. Offering new products and services including cotton processing. Sadly, the economy at the time meant that the company ended up shutting its doors in 1990.
Many people would think that this is the end of the story of Dayabhai Pragji & Sons, but it is anything but. The company reopened its doors in 2009 under the new name, Ibiixo Technologies Pvt Limited and expanded to various business under ibiixo Group of companies. While the company still offers a few of the services that the old company did, including the import and export of products, they have also decided to focus on new and more profitable markets.

At Ibiixo Technologies Pvt Limited, you will find us investing heavily in the IT market, as well as offering several business support services. While the new company has only been around for a short (For us 8 years is surely short with the history we have) while, the company is rapidly expanding, tapping into markets and offering services which other companies can’t compete with.

The company is rapidly catching up to the prestige that the original company had. We are not going to stop developing our company until we surpass this.
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